Today in the city Miami 29.04.2017
Super long camera zoom goes from city street to moon’s surface

Just your daily reminder that the technology is incredibly impressive.  Facebook user Daniel Pelletier posted a video to his MAD Photos page of a long, long zoom which starts on a Quebec street a...

Pokémon Go Is Evolving the App Store Into a Money Monster

Apple found itself a lucky egg. The post Pokémon Go Is Evolving the App Store Into a Money Monster appeared first on WIRED.

A Bouillabaisse Of Economic Errors On The $15 Minimum Wage

Mark Perry has caught a very bad piece on the economics of the $15 minimum wage. Truly an appalling piece of misunderstandings about it. Perry concentrates on two points it gets wrong but there's more...

What Would an Olympic Gold Medal Mean for Novak Djokovic?

There are no rankings points or prize money on the line for tennis stars competing at the 2016 Summer Olympics. So what does someone as accomplished as world No. 1 Novak Djokovic have to play for in t...

Administration warns Congress: Zika money running out

The Obama administration is warning that money to fight the Zika virus is on the verge of running out amid political stalemate on Capitol Hill

U.S. Government Approves First Private Moon Landing

The U.S. government has approved the first private moon landing, but don't expect the floodgates to open.

Incredible Camera Zoom Basically Takes You to the Moon

If you want to go to the Moon, you can either hitch your ride with NASA and SpaceX or you can get yourself a camera with an incredible zoom like the Nikon P900 which comes with a 24-2000mm lens that c...

Mayor: Miami is not 'ground zero' for Zika – video

Miami’s mayor, Tomás Regalado, on Tuesday hit back at suggestions that parts of the city are ‘ground zero’ for Zika in the US, saying that only a ‘cluster’ of cases had been discovered. The Wynwood ne...

The Minimum Wage Hike Is Good for Business

We’ve all heard people bemoaning California’s new $15 minimum wage law. Theoretically, they say, it will result in job losses, and employers won’t be able to afford increased labor costs. I’d like to...

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